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R&D JW, leading global new drug development

Research network

  • Sep, 2019

    JW Pharmaceutical exports 80 billion won worth of technology to Simcere, China.

    - Concluded license-out agreement for gout treatment URC102.​​

    - URC102, A new drug candidate effective for gout with decreased renal elimination of uric acid, demonstrated high safety and reduced level of uric acid in the blood

  • May, 2019

    60th Anniversary seminar of Korean-Denmark diplomatic relations.

    - Introduction of open innovation partnership strategy with Leoparm, a global leader in the field of skin disease.

  • Oct, 2018

    Establishment of strategic partnerships/investments with overseas ventures discovering first-in-class drugs.​​​

    - Signed a strategic investment agreement with Argonaut developing a next-generation anticancer drug based on epigenetics​

  • Aug, 2018

    JW Pharmaceutical exports 450 billion won worth of technology to LeoPharma.​​

    - Concluded license-out agreement for atopic dermatitis drug candidate, JW1601, with LEO Pharma

    - Introduced as "Open Innovation Case" at the 60th anniversary of Korea-Denmark diplomatic relations and received Korea Patent Technology “King Sejong” Grand Prize Award​

  • July, 2018

    Collaboration research agreement on new drugs between C&C Research Laboratories and A*STAR, Singapore​

    - "Development of new global innovative drugs (immunological disease and anticancer drugs)" in cooperation with four research institutes under A*STAR and National Skin Centre​​

    - Discussion of research progress / plan through the steering committee meeting twice a year as a collaboration research for three years (2018 ~ 21)

  • Establishment of research network with KOLs in the field of Wnt

    - Held a regular symposium with the leading Wnt researchers in Korea

    - Operation of the SAB (Scientific Advisory Board) composed of overseas prominent Wnt researchers