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Product JW, leaping into constant change and innovation

Brand Story

JW Pharmaceutical is contributing to the national health by producing a basic infusion,
a high-value-added nutrient solution that is essential for patient care.
Fluid introdution
Basic Fluid

Basic fluid is the supply of essential water, electrolytes and sugar necessary for life support. The physiological salt solution and glucose solution is the most similar to the concentration of various substances dissolved in the blood. In physiological salt solution, ‘physiology’ means ‘having the same osmotic pressure as blood concentration’. ‘Salt’ is a substance that dissolves in water, it uses superior quality salt when administered into human body, which is expressed as salt. It is made by adding nutrients such as glucose and amino acid to suit the purpose. Normally, ‘5% glucose’ means 5g of glucose is dissolved in 100ml of water. It is the same as osmotic pressure of blood, so it does not cause pain in blood vessels even when administered for a long time. In addition to its unique purpose of supplying water and electrolytes, it can be used as a diluted solution to dilute the intravenous medicine.

Nutrient Fluid

Nutritional fluid including sugars, lipids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals is supplied to patients who can not eat for a long time. It is high concentration of sugar solution, various concentrations of amino acid medical fluid and lipid medical fluid.
The fluid flow is divided into a single bag, a 2 chamber bag and a 3 chamber bag, based on the number of the partitions. A single bag contains an amino acid formulation which may be divided into a phyiamine, nepramine, or hepatamine, aaccording to the subject to be treated and a single lipid formulation such as a regimen.
The 2 chamber bag has CombiFlex with two compartments containing sugar and amino acids separated by one partition wall, and the partition wall may be broken before using.
The 3 chamber bag has combi-flex lipids and wineries, which contain sugar, amino acid and lipid in three compartments between two compartments.

Special Fluid

Special fluid is a type of fluid using in special cases that is not classified as basic of nutritional fluid. When a brain hemorrhage occurs due to a traffic accident, the blood pressure in the brain increases. At this time, special fluid such as ‘Cerol’ and ‘Mannitol’ rapidly discharges the blood in the brain. There is also a plasma expander fluid that keeps the blood volume constant to reduce the risk of patients suffering from a traffic accident or major surgery bleeding. In addition, a small amount of electrolyte additive, flushing medium for the purpose of washing and disinfecting blood during operation belongs to special fluid.

Fluid History


  • ∙  3CB product package design reset, new Tip overseas
        registration for TPN


  • ∙  Developed the new packaging system for TPN, PP Cap rubber stopper design, oxygen barrier bag film


  • ∙  Launched Oxazolidinone antibiotic JW Linezolideju,
        JW Moxifloxacin, a third-generation quinolone antibiotic


  • ∙  Developed and launched 3 Chamber TPN Winner with Fish Oil in Korea for the first time in Korea


  • ∙  Released the second generation quinolone antibiotic
        JW levofloxacin, high content KCl medicine NaK 200


  • ∙  3 Launched Chamber Bag TPN Combi Flex Lipid


  • ∙  2 Launced Chamber Bag TPN Combi Flex


  • ∙  Developed Techflex Bag (Non-PVC)


  • ∙  Launched the first Choongwae Cardioplergic Solution 1
        in Korea


  • ∙  Launced Choongwar Freamine Injection 8.5%, nephramine, and hepatamin


  • ∙  Launched PP bottles 5% glucose, Clean Jo


  • ∙  Launched the first electrolytic agent Hartman Dex, One two three Liquid in Korea


  • ∙  Launched the first 3% amino-acid amines in Korea


  • ∙  Launched the first 5% glucose solution in Korea
Mom's choice for protecting our children's wounds
Now, care your wound with a himom band for every type of injury!
Hi mom introduction
Wet-flex Band-aid (protection the wound with moisture)

It minimizes the scarring of wound by forming a moist on the wound.

  • Himom Band-aid Premium Small / Normal / Large / Mixed
  • Himom Band-aid Premium cut type
  • Himom Band-aid Premium Round (SPOT)
  • Himom Foam
  • Himom Burn Spray
  • Himom Band-aid AG
Learn more about Wet-flex Band-aid
Dryfit Band-aid (protection the light wound)

It protects the wound from the outside.
It is a product that can be selected quickly and conveniently.

  • Himom Band-aid Basic Basic / Large / Mixed
  • Himom Band-aid Aqua Basic / Large
  • Himom Band-aid High Compression Basic Type/ Finger Care Type
  • Himom Band-aid MOOMIN Basic / Mixed Type
Learn more about Dryfit Band-aid
High Mam Band History


  • ∙  2017.08Released Himom Foam (5mm)
  • ∙  2017.01Released Himom Band-aid Basic MOOMIN
                     [Character Band-aid]


  • ∙  2016.05Released Himom Foam (5mm)
  • ∙  2016.07Released Himom Band Basic [PVC band]
  • ∙  2016.08Released Himom Band-aid Aqua [Waterproof bad]
  • ∙  2016.10Release Himom Band-aid High Compression
    [Hi Compression Band-aid]


  • ∙  2014.10Released Himom Band-aid AG
                     [Silver-containing Hydrocolloid Band-aid]
  • ∙  2014.07Released Himom Burn Spray
                     [First Aid Hydrogel Spray]


  • ∙  2013.03Released Highmom Burn (Standard Type) [Hydrogel Band-aid]
  • ∙  2013.03Released Himom Band-aid Premium [Aloe Vera Containing / Upgrading the Existing Himom Band-aid]


  • ∙  2012.05Released Himom Foam (2mm)
                     [Silicone Adhesive Foam Glazing]


  • ∙  2010.05Released Himom Band-aid
    [Bevelring Type Hydrocolloid Band-aid]
'Frenzeye Drop' provides nutrition to eyes through glucose.
It is a new artificial tear eyedropper that contains menthol and refreshes the eyes.
Premium Artificial Tears Lubricant Eye Drops Frenzeye Drop Introduction
Moisturizes & Soothe (Soothing relief for dry eyes)

Cooling sensation

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Product instructions download
Cool Cool Hi (If you want a strong cooling sensation)

Cooling sensation

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Product instructions download
Soft & Pure (Hypoallergenic Natural Tears Formula)

Cooling sensation

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Product instructions download
Product Features
Artificial tears full of nutrients

Glucose is contained to help get over feeling tired and keep it moist for a long time

All Lenses
Available for All Lenses

It can be used for all lenses such as Soft / Hard / Disposable lenses Introduction of new technology to prevent additives from adhering to lens (KR 10-0649991)

Cool Feeling
3 Selectable Cool Feeling

Cool Feeling, Cool Strong Cool Feeling, Cool Hi Contains pure terpenoid ingredients Natural tears formula Patent Holding (KR 10-1322527)

Ocular Dry
Ocular Dryness Improvement Effect

It helps improve discomfort and eye dryness of wearing contact lens When using artificial tears, please refer to the directions 'Improve your dry eye..

Chief Ingredients Introduction

It is a major energy source of corneal cells, which promotes eye metabolism and is effective for tired eyes.


It replenishes the mucous layer on the tears and prevents it from being adsorbed on the lens.

Sodium Chloride and Potassium Chloride

It is a component that regulates osmotic pressure, similar to natural tears, to minimize discomfort.


It is the main ingredient of peppermint oil and relieves the fatigue and itching of the eyes with a cool feeling.