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R&D JW, leading global new drug development

Research Center

Research Center of JW Pharmaceutiacal for Pharmacoepidemiological Research is one step ahead of others in developing new technologies Based on these efforts, the company builds core technology that is internationally competitive.
JW Pharmaceutiacal established a comprehensive research center in 1983 based on accumulated technology and outstanding capability. Japan's Chugai Pharmaceutical Corporation and Korea's first joint venture C&C Research Laboratories of New Drug Research and chemical genomics research agency, JWTHERIAC Pharmaceutical Corp.
In the 21st century, we created a strategy to focus on exploring with the goal of creating personalized treatments that fit into the post-genous era. I will lead the way in developing a new drug that has revolutionized the world.
  • Gwacheon-si,Gyeonggi-do

    Drug Discovery Center

    Core foundation technique :
    Anti-cancer therapy/Regenerative medicine

    • - Pepetidomimetic chemical library
    • - WNT modulator for anticancer and tissue regeneration

    Pharmaceutical Technology Research Center

    Core foundation technique :
    IMD, New Formulation

    • - Controlled Release (SMEDDS, Multi-layered Coating)
    • - Fixed-Dose Combination
    • - New Salts Formulation
    • - Formulation Change

    API Research Center

    Core foundation technique :
    Process Development of NCE, IMD and Generic /
    API Development

    • - Process Development of NCE (Salt Selection, Polymorphism)
    • - High Potency Drug (Peptide, Steroid)
    • - High Value-added New Technology (High-quality Purification Technology, Continuous Flow Reaction)
  • Suwon-si, Gyeonggi

    C&C Research Laboratories

    Core foundation technique :

    • - Structure-based drug discovery
    • - Onco-panel assay and data base
  • Seattle, USA

    JW Theriac

    Core foundation technique :
    Target-Based Drug Discovery

    • - High-throughput screening (HTS) system
    • - Epigenetic drug discovery