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Company JW, protecting human health and future

Company Introduction

Constant challenge and passion
for global innovative new medicine development

JW Pharmaceutical CORPORATION, who has been leading hospital market with its medical products, is strengthening its global competitiveness by getting the outstanding pipeline for original medicine and medical supplies and putting its passion to develop innovative new medicine through its global R&D network.

JW’s competitive medicine and medical supplies developed through long experience and technology
JW Pharmaceutical CORPORATION has its strong original pipelines, such as Livalo, Thrupas, Sigmart, Actemra, etc., and as one of the top 5 infusion of nutrient brands, has Winuf, the third generation 3 chamber infusion of nutrient, ideally mixed with omega3 and omega6. Moreover, we are leading the domestic medicine and medical supplies based on our long experience and technology through a number of new medicine development projects, such as the world’s first next generation antibiotic, Iminefem First Generic.
General medicines and health care products that protect the health and happiness of the family
JW is striving to develop a variety of products for the concepts of wellbeing, patients and quality of life such as a premium hair dye “Chnagpo(n)”, low-protein, low-salt patients' JW's relief food for kidney disease patients. We also provide generic medicines and healthcare products that can be easily purchased for the health and well-being of the family, such as the 28-year-old cold medicine "Hwacol", the care band for injury "Himom" and the series of premium eyes drop “Frenz Eye Drop”.
Localization and advancement of medical devices
JW Pharmaceutical is taking the lead in the localization of medical devices through the acquisition of JW Bioscience's medical device business in 2023. We have localized various medical devices such as digital X-rays with state-of-the-art functions, LED screen lights, incubators, operating tables, and examination tables.
Notable achievement through global R&D network
JW Pharmaceutical CORPORATION, based on its accumulated tech- nology and manpower,established its central research and develop- ment institute in 1983, C&C new medicine research institute with Jugai Pharmaceutical Corporation as the first joint corporation in Korea in 1992, and JW Theriac, the chemogenomics research insti-tute in Seattle, USA, in 2000. By building this global R&D network, JW Pharmaceutical CORPORATION is leading the Korean new medi-cine development.
World class high-tech manufacturing facility
Lots of JW PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATION’s medicine and medi-cal supplies including infusion of nutrients, are supplied all over the world to save many people’s precious lives. JW PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATION secured global competitiveness by constructing high-tech manufacturing facility such as JW Dangjin production complex, the biggest medicine and medical supplies manufacturing facility in Korea, and Sihwa factory in accord with the global stand- ard GMP, and so on. We are putting lots of effort to save more lives with better quality by constantly constructing high-tech facilities and global manufacturing facilities.