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R&D JW, leading global new drug development

Platform technology

Small molecules

JWELRY (JW Excellent LibraRY)

- Compound library composed of unique peptide mimetic compounds
- A unique Drug Discovery Platform composed of diverse cancer cell lines and their genetic information.

"JEWELRY" is an abbreviated word of JW excellent library. As a collection of unique peptide mimetic compounds possessed by JW. In addition to the usual synthetic small molecule chemical compounds, it contains about 25,000 peptide-like structural compounds that mimic 3D structures found in proteins, such as α-helix, β-turn, and β-sheet. With various screening systems (ex. HTS), JWELRY has enabled a discovery of innovative novel drug candidates that regulate protein-protein interaction critical in the pathology of cancer or immunological diseases.

CLOVER (C&C research Laboratories Omics serVER)

Big data platform accumulating data of cancer cell lines, tissues, and genetic information, etc.

Incrementally modified drugs (IMD)


- Self-microemulsifying drug delivery system (SMEDDS), one of the solubilizing technologies for poorly soluble drugs, is a technology that improves the solubility and bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs by mixing surfactant, co-surfactant, oil, and the drug at the optimum ratio.
- JW Pharmaceutical's proprietary technology, which overcomes the shortcomings and limitations of existing poorly soluble drug formulations and improves the solubility and bioavailability of drugs to maximize drug safety and ease of administration.

Self-microemulsifying drug delivery system (SMEDDS) is a solubilization technology for improving bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs. By combining surfactant and co-surfactant with a poorly soluble drug, this technology improves the bioavailability of the drug by forming fine emulsion droplets upon dilution with physiological fluid after administration.

This proprietary technology utilized SMEDDS technology to solubilize the poorly soluble drug, and further adsorbed the mixture to the solid carriers in order to prepare them into tablets, which enabled solidification of soft capsules into tablets and overcome the shortcomings of temperature-sensitive soft capsules and increase the convenience of administration.

J-dart Tablets
Intellectual property
  • Title of the invention : Solid preparations containing dutasteride and preparation method
  • Application Date : 2017.09.01
  • Application number : 10-2017-0111953
Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API)

Carbapenem Manufacturing & Purification

Imipenem, meropenem and doripenem have been commercialized through a study of systematic using AOSA, a key starting material of carbapenems antibiotic agents.

Ertapenem API was submitted FDA DMF including technology development.
The core technology of carbapenem manufacturing is high pressure hydrogenation reaction and high quality Prep-HPLC purification.

SPPS (Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis)

Manufacturing Process was completed through SPPS(solid phase peptide synthesis) and Prep-HPLC/Resin purification technology about Goserelin and Octreotide.

After first amino acid was loaded on the resin, targeted peptide was synthesized through deprotection and amide coupling sequentially.

Continuous reaction, Flow chemistry reaction

Flow chemistry or continuous flow chemistry begins with two or more streams of different reactants pumped at specific flow rates into a microreactor or packed bed column. After reaction was complted, the reaction mixture is collected at the outlet. Because of the inherent design of specific module, hazardous and explosive reaction are possible than batch reaction. It can continuously manufacture high quality API.