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Company JW, protecting human health and future

Production facility

JW Pharmaceutical’s world-class drugs are
produced by automation equipments.

JW Dangjin Production Complex, located in Dangjin, Chungcheongnam-do, is the world's largest eco-friendly
pharmaceutical factory, and its entire process from design to construction and equipment are designed with
international GMP standards.

Site : 142,579㎡, size of 24 international soccer fields / Building : 185,860㎡ Warehouse : 8,400㎡24,000 Cell
Solid Formulation Product line

Solid Formulation Product line has built a Bin system to prevent external contamination and cross contamination. We are continuously managing the production of high quality products by introducing the latest facilities such as an automatic tablet sorting machine and fluidized bed assembly dryer. We also operate a variety of high-definition lines including finasteride formulations and double-sided pills.

Aseptic Injection Product Line

The aseptic injection production line adopts the closed system, which blocks the risk of foreign matter contamination and cross contamination during the manufacturing process. We constructed the BMS so that the product can be produced in the best workplace, and temperature, humidity, and pressure are automatically managed in real time.

Injection Liquid Product Production line

The injection liquid product line produces post-sterilization injection (PP Amp.), Suspensions and liquids. It is introducing the latest automation equipment and producing about 130 million products annually. In particular, post-sterilization products use non-PVC based PP that does not cause Environmental hormone (DEHP) and strive to produce high-quality, safe products.