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Company JW, protecting human health and future

Social contribution

JW Foundation

JW Foundation is a public interest corporation supporting the healthy life of the people based on the spirit of respect for life and to create a healthy society living together.
Lee Jong-ho, honorary chairman of JW Holdings, devoted his private fortune (approx. 20 billion won) to set up a foundation in 2011, and has undertaken systematic and continuous social contribution activities.
The JW will continue to lead the way in creating a healthy society in which everyone is able to grow together by revealing the dark and alienated places in our society through the JW Foundation.
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Sungcheon Award

It is an award to spread the spirit of respect for the life of the late Mr. Lee Sungcheon who contributed to the improvement of the national health through the development of the medical fluid in Korea and the supply of essential treatment, and to contribute to the welfare of the people.
We are striving to make our society warmer by awarding a doctor who has accomplished great achievement in improving the health and quality of life by giving a medical care to the neighbors suffering from disease and poverty at home and abroad, regardless of the nationality.

Support for Medical Personnel Training in Developing Countries

We invite health care providers from Southeast Asia, Africa and other developing countries with poor health care environment, and provide training programs to learn advanced medical technology and systems in domestic medical institutions. We hope our doctors will be able to provide better medical services to our global neighbors.

JW Art Awards

We hold art contests and win prizes for outstanding works every year to find the talents of handicapped artists and to grow as artists. For winners who are passionate and talented, we will support you to work in a better environment and also open an exhibition of works. We support independence artists of disabilities through culture and art!

Voice of souls

Jong-ho Lee, the honorary president of JW Holdings, has been the sponsor of the Voice of souls which is a severely disabled choir of Holt Ilsan Welfare Town. Through their choir activities, the members not only reclaim their vitality by promoting their will to rehabilitate and develop their potential abilities, but also communicate with the world and break down the wall of invisible prejudices. We hope the voice of souls of severely disabled members will vividly and vigorously resonate and become a driving force to communicate with the world.
  • Community Contribution

    We work together with JW employees to clean up the JW office building and provide customized volunteer activities for the elderly and disabled people living alone in the community every month. In addition, in the event of natural disasters such as drought, we are participating in and supporting agricultural water supply, prevention of infectious disease and supplying goods to overcome the diffiulties of the community.

  • JW Tower concert with local residents

    It is a small concert that invites JW Tower workers and local residents during lunch time. We provide healthy energy and communicate with our neighbors by providing beautiful music performance to local residents, singles, disabled seniors and JW tower workers residing in the Umyeon-dong area.

  • Domestic and Overseas Medical Services

    Based on the JW's spirit of "Respect for Life," it is a volunteer activity that began to help the local residents living in a poor environment from medical services.
    Hanmaeum Volunteer Group consisting of North Korean defectors who are sponsored by JW Foundation and JW employees is visiting medical vulnerable areas, delivering medicines, dyeing services, and cleaning and improving the residential environment.

  • Concert for the Underprivileged

    We present the enjoyment of body and mind as well as improvement of quality of life by presenting pleasant music performances to local small towns that are alienated from culture and art performances, nursing facilities with long-term hospitalized patients and hospitals.

Support for Young North Korean defectors

We provide scholarships to young North Korean defectors, and support mentoring and corporate experience programs, so that they can become a member of our community and become well-placed in the South Korean society.