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20.07.29 [JW Shinyak] JW CreaGene Acquired ‘Chinese’ Patent for Manufacturing Technology of Dendritic Cell-based Therapeutic Agent for Autoimmune Disease

- The technical competitiveness recognized in China Following Decision on European Patent in May

- Inhibition or activation of immune cell based on the maturity level of dendritic cell, ‘diversification of new drug pipeline’

July, 2020

JW CreaGene is recognized of the novelty of its manufacturing technology for dendritic cell-based therapeutic agents effective to autoimmune diseases in China.  

JW CreaGene (Representative Director: Gyeong-jun Lee), a subsidiary of JW Shinyak, announced on the 29th that it has completed a patent registration with the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) concerning the ‘technology of developing new biologics utilizing semi-mature dendritic cell.’

The patent concerned regards the manufacturing method for semi-mature dendritic cell by processing autoantigen and activation substance at immature dendritic cell, which represents a technology concerning the development of therapeutic agent and vaccine (preventive therapeutic agent) for autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Dendritic cell assumes a role either activating or suppressing immune cells depending on the level of maturity. It is used for development of anticancer vaccine because mature dendritic cell enhances a compromised immune system of a patient and functions to order T-cells to attack cancel cells.

Armed with immunoregulatory functions, semi-mature dendritic cell can be used for the treatment of immune diseases as it controls excessive immune reactions and suppresses immune cells attacking autologous tissues.  

Currently, JW CreaGene is in the process of developing mature dentritic cell-based therapeutic agents for liver cancer (CreaVax-HCC, clinical phase 3), therapeutic agents for glioblastoma (CreaVax-BC, clinical phase 1/2) and therapeutic agents for immune diseases based on the manufacturing technology of immature dendritic cell.  

JW CreaGene received a decision of approval for patent registration upon the technology concerned from the European Patent Office (EPO) last May and is about to complete the final registration within the 5 European nations.  

“Our manufacturing technology of dendritic cell, capable of applying to the treatment of autoimmune disease, is recognized of its competitiveness in the global markets of Europe and China,” Gyeong-jun Lee, the Representative Director of JW CreaGene, said. “We aim to exhaust our resources for the purpose of successful commercialization as well as creation of added values, such as technical transfer,” Lee said.

JW CreaGene was rendered a decision of patent approval by the EPO in last December, regarding its manufacturing technology of mature dendritic cell required to develop anticancer vaccine and has completed acquisition of patents in 11 European countries last May.